How does a biofeedback therapy session work?

Non-invasive biofeedback therapy can be an effective treatment for many health problems, but how does a biofeedback therapy session work? What’s certain is that biofeedback therapy is painless, comfortable and relaxing, while giving our bodies the opportunity to trigger self-healing processes. The biofeedback device, when connected to the patient, does not cause any pain or discomfort, it takes a short time to assess the general condition of the body, especially any deficiencies or areas of imbalance, and starts to train the unconscious parts of the brain in a targeted way to heal.

According to experts, it takes 10 to 20 biofeedback therapy sessions for a health problem or complaint to produce spectacular results. Anyone can take part in biofeedback therapy regardless of age, gender or health problem, and there are no side effects to worry about. It can be used alongside almost any permanent medication or medical treatment and can be used to consciously stimulate the body to heal itself.

A biofeedback therapy session is usually 50 minutes and does not require any preparation on the part of the patient.

The biofeedback therapist will ask questions about lifestyle, place the sensors on the body and then perform a „symptom inventory”.

The biofeedback device then performs a „treatment”, sending electrical impulses to the body to balance energy.

Finally, the biofeedback practitioner will give you life coaching advice so that you can exercise on your own, use your mind to have a positive effect on your body, and thereby get better mentally and physically!

What is biofeedback therapy

If you want to understand what biofeedback therapy is, you have to look a little bit into quantum physics.

According to this branch of physics, everything is in motion, everything emits vibrations, everything is connected to everything else. The cells and organs of the living organism also vibrate at specific frequencies, which are different in a state of equilibrium and in the event of dysfunction or stress.

Innovative therapeutic devices such as quantum’s biofeedback systems, whether QUEX S or QUEX ED, can measure the body’s electrophysiological signals. SO! Not only do they measure them, but they analyse them using special software and make them understandable to us in a transparent way, by displaying them on the screen.

Through their therapeutic method, effective energy balancing and stress management can be achieved, allowing many health problems to be treated without drugs, painlessly and without interventions.

The QUEX S is an effective stress management system, based on the fact that stress disturbs the electromagnetic frequencies at which cells, organs and tissues resonate. The harmonious restoration of these „out of tune” frequencies is the first priority.

The QUEX ED is another energy medical device for energy balancing. It is the most advanced of the quantum biofeedback therapy devices and its holistic approach is unique. It analyses and treats the patient from the point of view of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in a complex way.

How does a biofeedback therapy session work

If you are curious to know how a biofeedback therapy session works, it is best to try it for yourself! How not to be afraid of it is illustrated below:
A biofeedback therapy session lasts roughly 50 minutes.

  • the biofeedback therapist asks lifestyle questions. For example, how much water you drink, whether you drink alcohol, whether you smoke, and so on. This gives you information about barriers to recovery.
  • The biofeedback device is calibrated by the therapist. This involves putting sensors on your body and checking that it is set up correctly.
  • The biofeedback therapy device then performs a „symptom inventory”. As we relax, it measures our body’s reactions to more than 15,000 indicators. It detects abnormalities, especially stress, inflammation, allergies, poor vitamin intake, possible addictions.
  • After analysing the results, the actual biofeedback therapy begins. The therapist runs special software that monitors brain waves, breathing, muscle tension, among other things. The therapist may give you instructions to change your breathing or sitting position, for example. Meanwhile, the biofeedback device uses electrical impulses to help reeducate cells that are out of balance.
  • At the end of the session, you will receive life-skills tips and usually after 15-30 sessions, you can balance your body’s energy with your mind, without the need for a specialist or biofeedback device. This will take a lot of practice and determination!

Benefits of biofeedback therapy

The benefits of biofeedback are:

  • no intrusion, no intervention in the body
  • no side effects
  • it can be applied to anyone
  • it supports the body’s ability to heal itself
  • no medication is prescribed alongside biofeedback therapy
  • our regular medication may be reduced or even eliminated by the therapy.
  • we become more aware, we learn to put our mind at the service of our body

Biofeedback therapy and the future

Biofeedback therapy could undoubtedly be the therapy of the future. Just think what we can do if we can consciously control our body with our mind.

Moreover, we can learn to do all this without the pain, anxiety and discomfort of traditional medical tests and treatments.

We are relaxed, calm and our subconscious can become conscious. What could be the technology of the future if not biofeedback?